Our team of professionals offers a rare combination of private sector structure and public sector awareness which culminates in a comprehensive, astute and quality service. Senior members have served substantial time in the public sector and are sensitive to the need to guide decisions in a public minded way. GMS has earned an outstanding reputation in the marketplace due to our ability to administer highly complex, unique public sector portfolios. We are structured to have the following distinguishing factors and experience:

  • Integrated and coordinated approach to assignments
  • Simple decision-making structure
  • Diversification of disciplines including real estate management, brokerage, public sector RFP development, law and analysis

Corporate Realty

Regardless of portfolio size, institutions and companies require professional real estate staff to act as a business partner to reduce operational costs and maximize revenue. Through value-added service and a focus on collection and timely lease administration, GMS takes the reins and allows organizations to return to their core focus. Our team is focused on consistently improving our client’s portfolio while still striving to develop and enhance services for all stakeholders. Services include brokerage; opinions of value; lease administration; comprehensive inspection; construction management; billing, collection and accounting; and insurance compliance. Unlike any other firm, GMS understands the unique needs and issues of public organizations and has a proven track record of delivering quality service and consistent results.

Strategic Business Consulting

Consistent with our first-rate experience in the area of Corporate Realty Services, public and private institutions retain GMS specifically to improve their bottom line through the study and assessment of organizational staffing and service delivery. Our team of real estate, legal, accounting, project management and government service professionals has analyzed organizational structure, personnel, resource allocation and industrial and market practices for private, public and not for profit organizations. Utilizing our management experience as well as our ability to develop integrated and coordinated approaches, we can effectively determine the issues preventing a company from reaching its full potential and develop realistic and meaningful solutions and substantive recommendations including:

  • Staff cost reduction
  • Identification of procedures and processes that improve customer service
  • Development of job descriptions that lead to improved performance
  • Benchmarking

Transportation Property Management

Through our partnerships with the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority, New Jersey Transit, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority and the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, GMS has become the nation’s established leader in the management of revenue-producing properties for transportation agencies. GMS’s team of professionals consists of key personnel with over 50 years of combined experience serving transportation agencies in all capacities. Our transportation teams are structured to have the following distinguishing factors:

  • Simple decision making structure
  • On site presence
  • Extensive database experience
  • Knowledge of comparable values of transportation concessions
  • Lease drafting expertise
  • Skilled in risk management

Parking Solutions

GMS manages over 2,000 parking locations in the New York Tri-State area for public agencies. Our staff has extensive and direct experience managing in these public environments which are extremely sensitive to customer service concerns and local government priorities. Our services include physical inspections; contract drafting and administration; revenue collection and enforcement; and the development of pricing strategies. GMS is also uniquely equipped to undertake extensive parking studies and has assisted public and private parking management facilities in identifying strategies for improved service and profit margin.