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  • Massachusetts Department of Transportation

    Massachusetts Department of Transportation

    Greystone provides ongoing real estate advisory and asset management services for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) on an on-call, task-order basis. Our work has included:

  • New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority

    New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority

    Greystone manages over 4,000 accounts on behalf of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority and its subsidiary operating agencies.   Greystone provides the MTA with day-to-day asset management including:

  • New Jersey Transit

    New Jersey Transit

    Greystone serves as New Jersey Transit’s real estate advisor, responsible for providing the agency with advisory services encompassing tenant management, leasing, parking, and Transit-Oriented Development. Services include:

  • Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

    Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

    Greystone provides a wide range of real estate management and advisory services to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA). Services include asset management, disposition services, concession development, Transit Oriented Development (TOD) project support and development of non-fare box revenue programs. Team successes include: