Greystone Management Solutions Names Senior Project Managers

Greystone Management Solutions has appointed David Folan as its new Project Executive and lead for its real estate advisory group providing dedicated tenant management and accounting services to the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA).  Mr. Folan, currently a senior member of the team, first began his services with Greystone as part of the team providing tenant management services to NJ Transit.  Stepping into Mr. Folan’s previous role is Niko Sciocchetti, who has been promoted to Director of Tenant Management. 

Mr. Folan will lead Greystone’s multidisciplined team that provides the MTA with account management, construction management, accounting, collection, insurance compliance, and dispute resolution services. The MTA’s portfolio consists of approximately 4,000 occupancies that include retail agreements, utility right of way agreements, parking agreements, and easements stretching from Montauk to Poughkeepsie.  Mr. Folan previously served as Greystone’s Director of Tenant Management. 

Mr. Sciocchetti will now directly oversee the team providing account management to the MTA’s clients, having previously served as an account manager overseeing all MTA tenancies in Manhattan. Together, Folan and Sciocchetti have worked tirelessly through the Covid-19 pandemic to ensure continued operations where possible, adherence to state and local reopening guidelines, and that the MTA continues to maximize the value of its real estate portfolio. 

“We are extremely proud and fortunate to have the skilled staff to promote from within our team for these two positions,” said Charles Di Maggio, Chief Executive Officer of Greystone Management Solutions.  “Throughout the pandemic, both David and Niko have shown superior leadership and ability to protect and service the client’s needs.”