Di Maggio Contributes to UMASS Transportation Planning Curriculum

Charles Di Maggio, Chief Executive Officer of Greystone Management Solutions, is working with UMASS Boston’s Graduate Program in Urban Planning and Community Development in developing a transportation concentration following increased interest amongst students and faculty in transportation planning and policy-making due in large part to congestion issues facing the Boston region.  This summer, Charles and the Department’s Chairman, Professor Kenneth Reardon, conducted a summer symposium that included guest lectures from senior officials with the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), Volpe National Research Center of Transportation Systems, the City of Boston Department of Transportation, MassDOT, MBI Gluckshaw, and New Jersey Transit.  The new curriculum is being developed with the input of key transportation officials from the City of Boston’s Department of Transportation and MBTA advisory board.

Mr. Di Maggio has been teaching courses in real estate finance and transportation planning at the University for the past three academic years.  He is scheduled to return to UMASS  this spring.